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Burger King Reviews

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  • Bad Customer Servise And you all are lier!!!!

    Hey!!! I really cant trust it u all Constumer Servise is too bad!!! U know that The promotion of The Hottest Deals ? When i went to the Burger King Near Leisure mall thr i wanna to order this set but u know the The ppl who serve us didnt take any paper about promotion to the constumers!!! Outside thr ady have a Big Billboard is showing us that have the promotion y the person dun even give the customer to see the paper just keep it in the counter and nd us to ask it is got Promotion of set Rm5.95 . The person only give us the paper wif a unlike face!!! This r a big centre thr have many... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Bad Replacement

    I went to BK and ordered Satisfries. I love BK's Satisfries. However, when I got to work I found that they gave me regular fries and I was furious. I couldn't go back because I had just arrived at work. I am disappointed in all BKs. I love their burgers better than any other franchise but when I go to any BK it takes a long time to get your meal and it is always cold even you requested off the grill! The only time I received good service and food is when an executive was working there because he had a dress white long sleeve shirt. BK can be number one if they would hire have... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    christgirlie's Picture   christgirlie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bogas

    Stop Scamming your costumers, with filing out or completing your $25.00 survey I completed @ times and never received you $25.00 offer. I just got a lot of other company Email or offers, I'm wasted time and now being bothered by all the other companies that Burger King put on Site. AND NEVER GOT TO THE AREA TO GET MY $25.00 COUPON. THIS IS A WAY TO GET COSTUMERS TO GO TO BURGER KING!!!! SEND ME MY $25.00 COUPON TO dab.1028@yahoo.com NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. HOPE YOU SEND MY $25.00 COUPON OR THIS IS JUST ANOTHER MARKETING SCAM. Dean More...
    eagles22's Picture   eagles22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Burger King employees not washing their hands

    My son and I went to Burger King in Fort Collins colorado on north college on 12/20/13. Before we left, I had to use the restroom. I entered the restroom right behind an employee. After the employee was done using the restroom she did no wash her hands. I am a nurse and I know the importance of good hand washing. There is a 20 second rule in handwashing to follow that includes using soap and water that needs to be taught to your employees. I am very concerned of the safety of our community due to the lack of good hand washing. I have a child that is immune compromised and to think that he... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Morales's Picture   Morales    0 Comments   Comments
  • BK Manager short & rude

    I recently visited the Burger King in Texarkana on Stateline & it was truley the worst location on the area. The place is dirty (nowhere clean booths were available) the service from the cashier was rushed & very rude. Our food was cold (even my daughters nuggets in her kids meal)I asked to speak with the manager & a female came out that acted like she did not want to hear another complain (I'm sure she gets a ton) She didnt say a thing about the awful experience, just that they are short handed at the moment. Who cares, so hire more people! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Big King is a Big Rip-Off

    I recently purchased a big king. I was hungry and they handed me this smushed tiny burger. It looked like a whopper jr. I wouldnt of minded if it was on the dollar menu but it costs over 3.80. If i want something like a big mac i will just go to McDonalds. Its a shame because i like the way BK cooks there burgers. This is a tough economic time and you guys are seriously over pricing certain things. I know where not to go when im really hungry. Tony More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    tclucci33's Picture   tclucci33    2 Comments   Comments
  • Poor everything

    Burger King derby connecticut. Do not waste your money. Just keep driving. If the poor service and disgusting facilities don't turn you off the food definitely will. I just got a chicken sandwich with rotten lettuce and a half broken bun. The whopper I got looks like it was just picked up off the floor. Really disappointing. Was really looking foreword to a good old fashioned whopper. I should have known when I saw the manager with stains all over him and whipeing his nose on his shirt. No wonder burger kings are shutting down . More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Rsanti's Picture   Rsanti    0 Comments   Comments

    This is with ref to the BK Franchisee rights given to MCR Pakistan. I would like to state my experience of BK Pakistan after being a huge BK Fan & always enjoying it during my travels to U.K, E.U, & UAE BUT BK franchisee here has down huge discredit to the BK Brand. Following is my experience & hundreds of more such complaints are circulating the Food Blogs of Karachi / Pakistan. Please urgently take to task & depute someone from your UAE Franchisee here as this company MCR has already destroyed Pizza Hut & then sold it to another Group. THE KING IS DEAD!!! BURGER... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Mujtaba's Picture   Mujtaba    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint on service

    I bought a whopper meal today and the service at the drive in was so slow I thought I was going to use up a tank of gas BEFORE they took my order. The cashier did not apologize for the slow service she did not even look at me when she gave me the order. when I asked if my whopper had cheese she nodded her head once. I asked her again about the cheese and again she nodded. Sorry folks but this seems all to common with this particular store so I won't be back to burger king again. The store number is 6133 served by Lamesha. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    sosnow123's Picture   sosnow123    0 Comments   Comments
  • BK too slow and uncaring

    This BK is always so slow and unfriendly. I try to avoid, but was in a hurry to get on the road and stopped. 10/18/2013 about 4:45 with 4 people. Every staff preoccupied. Took 15 minutes to get food. Staff was playing around. One guy walking around all cool high fiving staff, while we watied. Non one even cared. We got one order finally asked about the other, and it hadn't even been looked at. The girl that took order didn't even give us a look. Another girl finally helped, and they were out of fries. ONly one other table in the place. Talked to Mgr, and she gave us a... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    captain999's Picture   captain999    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Service

    Tonight, just abt 20 minutes ago I was at the New Falls Road location in Levittown Pa. First the greeting at the drive thru upon taking my order was robotic.i get to the window n paid, recieved my food and "I" thanked him. He then closes the window, no thank you, have a nice day then I realized he never gave me my change, I went bk through the drive thru n told them on speaker what happened, they say pull up. After waitiing another 5-6 minutes, the ssme grntleman just hands me my change, in which I say thank u n he AGAIN closes window w no apology or any response at all. I will... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    nunu1408's Picture   nunu1408    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I went to BK this morning and ordered a large caramel iced coffee and a bacon, egg, & cheese cross'anwich. I was given the bag with my sandwich and NO napkins OR receipt and a SMALL caramel iced coffee. When I told her it was supposed to be large, she took a large cup, filled it with ice and poured the small iced coffee into it. The ice was packed so tight that I couldn't even get my straw in it. I'm extremely disappointed. I took a pic of the cup but I don't know how post it for you to see. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    stephie71's Picture   stephie71    1 Comments   Comments
  • Did not get my delivery!

    Last night , 9/13/13, i ordered food using the online service. I ordered around 9:20pm, way before the 10:00pm cut off time. I waited for over an hour and half and no one showed up! And I also did not receive a confirmation email. I have only used this service once before on 4th of July of this year and received my food within 20 min! I was very impressed. I do not know what happened last night but that was not cool. I am very upset about this. Thank You, Cathy B. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    CathyB12586's Picture   CathyB12586    1 Comments   Comments
  • Burger King, Campbell Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia

    At approximately 8:00 pm tonight (9/11/13) I visited the Burger King on Campbell Avenue in Lynchburg, Virginia. At first I didn't even think they were open because there were NO cars in the drive-thru, NO cars in the parking lot, and NO customers inside, SERIOUSLY. I went inside and ordered a Large Whopper with cheese Value meal with NO PICKLES (specifically) and onion rings. After waiting some time for my order (because the onion rings had to cook, they weren't even hot from the deep fry), I settled down to eat. I was mortified and livid because I had just paid between $8-$10 for... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    ritzman4u's Picture   ritzman4u    1 Comments   Comments
  • Burger King consumer complaint

    I ordered a whopper no ketchup or cheese,I received a whopper with cheese,a chicken wrap with honey mustard, i received a chicken wrap loaded with ranch dressing,a large fry, i received no fries, a hamburger kids meal, i received a hamburger kids meal without the apples,apparently they were out & what was the first thing my grandson asked for when i got home you guessed it his apples, a chicken apple cranberry salad i love the apple vinaigrette, i received 2 packs of ranch dressing, i know,i know,i should have checked my order before i left but come on guys really?!!!! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    kchholt's Picture   kchholt    0 Comments   Comments

    8/292013 i asked to purchase 2 cups with ice . note:i said purchase!! i was told no. they can't do that. i asked to speak to a manager. she told me no, that they do not do that. i was stunned, it was 95 degrees and i wanted to take the ice to my disabled brother,down the street, and would be back to buy him lunch. needless to say i told her i would not be back ever and will let my friends and family know as well. alot of customers lost!!i then went across the street to Foster freeze to buy my 2 cups of ice. they wouldn't take my money, they said there was no charge.. guess where... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    sgowen1's Picture   sgowen1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Burger King

    They are advertising a new $1.00 meal burger with French fries on it. Ordered it for my son. They gave me a burger with 2 fries on it. Ha! This is a joke! Bad business burger king! Next time I won't waste my money. Will go to McDonalds insead and get their double cheese burger which is way better. Don't buy it. Dont waste your money or time! More...
    Pinksn0w0123's Picture   Pinksn0w0123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Burger King and lousy service

    Went to the Vidor Texas Burger King and ordered a Whopper meal and 1 extra burger with sweep potato fries. Posted on the windows and the menu sign was advertising the 2 for $5 mix and match burger deal. Seems that Burger King didn't explain OR put it in writing that you could only order the burgers, not the meals and get the special.. There was some "legal" writing on the menu board but it changed every 4 seconds so who could read it~ Our order wasn't right, paid extra for more tomatoes -didn't get any and then while eating, the customers behind us also had to go... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Litag65's Picture   Litag65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Service and Food

    We went into Burger King in Middleboro Massachusetts at 1:50 pm on August 16, 2013. Ordered a Carolina Burger meal with no onions and a large chocolate shake, 2 BK Stackers and a medium coke. We waited for 15 minutes to get our food. Once outside we opened our bag to eat and the order was wrong. My husband went back in and showed them the order with the receipt. They "fixed" the order and he came back out and we drove home. Once at home, we sat down to eat. The Carolina Burger was right, but the 2 BK Stackers were NOT BK Stackers, they were dried up burgers with onions, one piece... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    blwashok's Picture   blwashok    0 Comments   Comments
  • False advertised, BK website wont accept complaints

    Visited my local BK as we do about twice a week. I order the new pork BBQ sandwich, was a little pricey at over $7 for combo. The picture looked great, have gotten the sandwich at other BK's and looks just like picture. After visiting the store in southside parkersburg, wv, what I got was about 2 tablespoons of meat on a bun, very disappointing. A bus load of kids came in so I did not have time to wait to let them know about it. So I went to website, tried to send a complaint, was told next day I did not include the location, which I know I did, I think it is a required field. They... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    alsoknownas's Picture   alsoknownas    1 Comments   Comments
  • add on

    and just at least one last thing with this company is that one day the vice president of the burger kings company was told by my manager that you are going to hear us talk shit about him (me) and he just told them OK. and never said thats not allowed in this company so how far can this go in this site since the vice president of BK does not care about how people are treated there? More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    critter123's Picture   critter123    0 Comments   Comments
  • the way im treated

    i worked for burger king for about 12 years. i had 2 weeks payed vacation till about a few years ago and then it got put down to 1 per years and my manager said only managers can have more than 1 a year but i know of 2 of my co workers that have more than 1 a year. so i called jan. company in rhode island cranston and they said the same thing as my manager said but that was a lie cause like i said 2 of my co workers that are not managers have more than 1 a year. and i only make $8.55 per hour after being there 12 years and most new workers will be make more than i do after just a few... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    critter123's Picture   critter123    0 Comments   Comments
  • bull shit

    i work at burger king in westerly for about 12 years i use to get 2 weeks payed vacation then about 3 years ago i got put down to one. the manger said only managers get more than one but i know of two co workers that are not managers that have more than one a year and i found out that after 10 years that they give you 3 per year. i called the jan. company in cranstion and they said the same thing but its a lie cause there is two co workers that have more than one a year. the one i work for is the one i westerly rhode iland and to contact them there phone number is 401-596-8840. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    critter123's Picture   critter123    0 Comments   Comments
  • FOOD ALWAYS COLD 2071 Stringtown Rd, Grove City, OH 43123

    I am sick of the cold food from this Burger King. We moved near Stringtown Road in Grove City, OH after selling our house last year and lately we've been getting Burger King for lunch a few times per week for at least a few weeks now. Every single time we order our food is cold. Not just the burgers but the fries and onion rings. Today dad had to go into the store since nobody would ask for his order on the drive-thru intercom. He waited 10 minutes at that damn intercom and nobody noticed. So he pulled around, parked and went into the store, told them he had been waiting 10 minutes at... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    ImDone's Picture   ImDone    0 Comments   Comments
  • Slow business, unclean restaraunt.

    Normally anytime from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, and from 6 pm until 10:30 pm, you have the slowest service. Any where from 20-40 minutes for a BURGER! Or better yet, upon waiting that time, you hear "we are sorry we are all out of patties, buns, sauce, etc" They forget repeatedly to put utensils in a bag TO GO. Multiple occasions, bathrooms are left unstocked. Toilets that are left with poop in it for hours. Soap dispensers have black mold on the button. No wonder they failed their health inspection! Never going back. Would rather drive the 10 miles to the next town! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    FedupInMaine's Picture   FedupInMaine    0 Comments   Comments
  • Nothing was right. Aweful

    Out of 3 all of the hamburger buns were burnt, fries were NOT salty (No salt at all) No kids toys so they gave my 9 year old a piece of pie and it wasn't even CLOSE of being cold. They had no tea. No sweet tea or unsweetened tea. Horrible. 9 out of 13 sodas were not working and they didn't have any value cups. The chicken on the chicken sandwich was burnt along with no mayo on it and only 3 little slithers of lettuce. It was awful. I will NEVER go to that one again. They should ashamed. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    DaiseyMae's Picture   DaiseyMae    0 Comments   Comments
  • Long Wait at Burger King

    5-9-13 5:30p.m Today we went through the Drive Thru and we had 2 cars in front of us.We sat there for 5 minutes then the first car finally ordered.When we were at the order speaker,a lady asked what we wanted.We told her,but she stopped us right in the middle of it.We also sat behind the car at the window for 20 MINUTES!!!We waited on our food for 30 minutes max.What was with their slow service?! I mean,at least 4 workers should be there at ever hour,every day. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    RainbowDog832's Picture   RainbowDog832    0 Comments   Comments
  • Food tastes like greasy cardboard.

    I ate a jalepeno turkey burger at the Burger King on Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs California while my car was being repaired. I had received a flyer in my mail promoting that item and I expected it to be tasty. IT TASTED LIKE THICK HARD CORRUGATED CARDBOARD WITH A LITTLE GREASE SPREAD ON IT. I would not have finished eating it except for the fact that I was very hungry and there were few other places at which to eat in the area. I don't think that a dog would have eaten it. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    desertthorn's Picture   desertthorn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Chicken Burger sandwich had mold.the

    Today i bought a #5 combo with onion rings first at the drive up the rings were sittiing long time. they were stale. we asked for fresh ones which they did replace. then got home started eating my sandwich got half way thru it and notice on the bottom of the bun it was covered in mold. then brought it back to burger king at GULF CITY Trinidad. where they offered us back MORE food in which we did not want.... one of the manager's came to the counter not knowing what to do. then got a another manager. she came up wanting our food back that was in the bag... as we were speaking with the... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    nicole1917's Picture   nicole1917    0 Comments   Comments
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