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Burger King Reviews

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  • Foreign Object in Food

    I was almost done eating my Whopper, then I found a piece of something gross in it! It was black on one side and metallic-y on the other. Husband showed manager; was told "We can't x-ray every burger." I then went up to the counter. After a long time (I could see them, they knew I was there), a worker came. I told him my story and he grabbed the manager again. I asked what it was, and he said he didn't even look at it before someone threw it away. Said he'll just tell workers to be careful. Said he'd offer a new burger, but they're closing the... More...
  • clamped our car with not burger King territory

    On the 24th February, I parked my car behind Petronas Mutiara Damansara, right next to the toilet and after BurgerKing premise. My car did not blocked the driveway (photo attached) and was parked under assumption that the parking lot was under Petronas as it was within Petronas's area. However, BurgerKing staffs, specifically the manager, clamped my car and claiming that my car parked within their area. You may refer to the photo attached which clearly shows that it was not parked within BurgerKing area. To make it worst, only my car was clamped despite there was more than 3-4 cars... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Inconsistent Portion Sizes For Ice Cream Cones

    Burger King store: #1787 Date: 6/30/2014 Time: 6:27 PM Area: Drive-Through Problem: Inconsistent portion size for ice cream cones. Suggested solution: They should have to quickly weigh every cone on a gram scale, to make sure customers get a consistent product. One time you get a full, satisfying cone. The next time (such as today) you get two inch high ice-cream, with a girth that comes half an inch short of the cone diameter, all the way around. Then, because they're on sale for 50 cents, the staff acts like half a cone is fair, since it's half price. If there... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • employees awsome

    Yesterday I was in Burgerking in Sonora ca. It was around 8:39pm and I noticed a customer giving the manager a particularly hard time. It seemed that all this customer wanted was a free meal and he was going to get it anyway possible. I would like to commend the manager, I believe his name was Jacob,for an outstanding job in controlling the customer. He was very professional in handling the situation. It was obvious the customer had done this before. I wanted to also comment on how together the employees were. It seems as though Jacob has his workers joining in team work which is a key to... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Wrong Food

    I realize that many minimum wage people think they should be paid akin to corporate managers but until they can manage to get a meal right in the Drive thru, maybe they need to give some of that money back. To me and right now. I just returned to work with my "meal". I ordered a #6 crispy chicken sandwich, when I was charged, they said the same; when I picked it up, they said the same; the ticket says tender crisp but I received a chicken parmesan sandwich. Let me advise you they are horrible. That was one of the fowlest things I have eaten to date. BK got their money but I... More...
  • Unclean store

    On July 14 2013 went to burger king in Covington ,la the place was filthy and the help very unprofessional . The food prep area had food all over the floor. The help was just walking in it. This was not just A few fries it was several buns, lots of onion rings, lettuce, and pickles. Looed like A food fight had happened.The dining area was also filthy.it was 830 pm. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • 230

    I had the worst morning at burger king (5401 nw 7 ave Miami fl 33127) my food was cold I had to wait 10 min in drive thru not only that a car almost back into me because they were backing up cars i ask the manager Barbra why is she backing up cars she said she have to do what she have to do to keep her timer down so I told here if the guy In front would have hit my car burger king is going to hear from lawyer that when she showed her true colors by cutting her eyes and slammed the drive thru window so this is my first step writing u next step better business bureau More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Have it my way service

    Asked for two medium fries at 8:45a.m. during breakfast. I was told they were only serving breakfast and could not get them. Issued the lady if this was a corporate store and she said it was and they were only serving breakfast. I understand that I requested a lunch item. At the same time I did not think it was an unreasonable request. My children had been up early as it is Black Friday today and they wanted french fries. I worked at a Burger King as a teenager and knew that we had made lunch items for customers during breakfast occasionally . I also had a coworker bring in lunch from... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Food Handlers No Gloves

    I love Burger Kings chicken sandwiches & their fries--no bad. I usually go through the Drive-thru except on a recent occasion I went inside and ordered my beloved sandwich combo however to watch in horror as my young ungloved server accepted my dirty money (as well as few other customers behind me in line), stopped to take a little time to use her nails to dig through then scratch beyond some very tightly weaved oily looking hair before placing those same filthy nails into the fries(which had also just been dumped by another pair on ungloved hands) she scooped from the fry tray. This... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Refund

    Store# 13316 They got my order completely wrong, went inside to get it fixed and for them to refund what I was charged extra for, instead they charged me everything on my card again. Went back the next day and they said the money should be back in my account the day after. When I checked my account again the money still was not there so I went back and the "assistant manager" said she "doesn't know" More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Salad

    ordered a BK salad on 8/14/11 in Dallas Oregon. It was disgusting. The lettuce looked dirty, old and was wilted. The three quarter slices of tomatoes were limp and the shredded carrots were aweful they had a white coating on them indicating to me they were drying out, not to mention the fact they were limp as well. Asked for the grated cheese on the side and the employees acted irritated. They also forgot my grilled chicken. The salad is nothing like the picture that is advertised! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Poor food

    Normally I don't like eating burgers. Never like it at all. However, Burger King is an exception though it is more expensive than other fast food chains. Always love their chicken sandwich, onion rings and vegetarian burger. They are just so fresh and delicious. But yesterday evening, when I went there along with my husband to have the chicken sandwich and also the newly introduced chicken tenders, to my surprise, the chicken in both the sandwich as well as the chicken tenders was tasting bitter. Also, the sesame seeds on the bread were burnt black. We just were unable to eat and... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • "Where's the Coffee"?

    Woke up this morning to a snowy day. I decided to go to BK to buy a value meal was a nice large hot coffee. Upon popping the lid of my coffee I noticed that almost 2 inches of my coffee wasn't filled. I asked the girl and she said, " the room is for your cream". Are you serious...that much room for cream. It seams that I purchased a product that was not of full value...I was very disappointed... I really needed my cup of Joe for the day. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • horrible store #6575

    i love going to burger king, but lately the brger king near my house is getting more HORRIBLE every visit. I work as an asst manager at McDonalds for 9 years and when a customer comes up to us to complain we take care of it. At this location they could of at least gave me one of my orders correctly. i ordered a chicken combo lkarge with no salt and a frozen coke, and my husband ordered the smokey bbq combo and the only thing that was correct was our drinks. we also got no ranch sauce and they do that everytime at that location. every other location is wonderful. this is beyond help ...... More...
  • TV ads

    About your TV ads. I am a Pit Bull owner. My dog is the best behaved and loving animal I have ever owned. I would bet that who ever wrote the TV spot with the mailman has never been around these dogs. They have a bad enough rep as it is and it is just incorrect!!!!!!!! this just adds to the incorrect ideas the general public has and your commercial pushes this idea. I will not go to any of your stores anymore due to the bad and false light you cast upon these fine animals. More...
  • breakfast

    BK 05566--went to this location for breakfast. Ordered coffee and was advised groungs in coffee and she did not have time to fix. (it appeared only 2 people working) So I ordered soda, no ice in either machine and the coke dispenser gave only carbonated water and no coke. Croissants used to be "steamed" but these came out cold and cheese not even melted. Store was dirty. No wonder parking lot is always empty. Lake Mary Blvd in Lake mary fl More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Drive through service

    On 9/8/2010, between 11:30pm and 12am, I went through the drive through to get some sandwiches for me and a friend of mine. When I got to the menu, where you place your order prior to going to the window, I waited for a couple of minutes for a response. I didn't get a response. I then said "Hello" through the speaker and still got no response. I waited for a couple of more minutes and said "Hello" again. I still got no response. Well after a couple more attempts, I finally went to the drive through window. The ORDER TAKER had the nerve to tell me to drive around... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • awful food at burger king

    I have contacted Burger King and they have yet to contact me back with anything to compensate for the horrible service that i recieved. I spent 30.20 on food that did not get eaten and speaking to the people that work there is a waste of time. I would like something to be done with this and maybe something for me. Usually i don't say anything and let it go but this time i wasted money on a meal that no one enjoyed. We go to Burger King because of the flame broild taste and this was awful. Please let me know if anything can be done. More...
  • New Coffee

    The new coffee is very distasteful. I've come to BK for many years because I love the coffee. The new offering is bitter and strong and basically just tastes bad. I've spoken with 2 additional friends that also stopped every day for BK coffee, who do not like the new brand. Any chance you could offer both, or go back to the old brand. More...
  • Bug in sandwich

    I took my family to Burger King tonight. There were six of us total. We each ordered, waited quite a while for the food, and then found out the french fries were extreme cold and stale. My son-in-law took them back and asked to get fresh fries. He was told they would be brought out to him in a couple of minutes. My granddaughter, by then, had opened up her hamburger and checked to make sure it did not have pickles on it, as she had requested. It did not have pickles on it, but it did have a bug in the hamburger. She naturally freaked out (she's 9 years old). My daughter took... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Ice Scream Scam

    I have been to Burger King on State Rd 50 / Colonial Drive in Orlando (near Good Homes Road. I work nights and for the last 3 weeks I drive up at around 10:30 p.m. and inevitable the ice-cream machine is "down." Could the machine be down only during these times or do we need to check in as to why I seem mopping and cleaning going on during this time in preparation for the "real" closing time? It seems that the ice-cream machine being quote DOWN is a scam to clean up and get out early. Meanwhile a faithful customer, such as myself just want a litle ice-cream after a long... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • breakfast

    for three days now i have gone up to the burger king store no. 06954 to get breakfast. twice around 10:20 and the other at 10:15 all 3 times i was told that they had moved on to lunch. today being one of the 20 after mornings i asked the manager, yes the manager, if they had moved the time to ten oclock to stop serving breakfast she said no 10:30, i asked her then why can i not get some now at 1020, she replied with "i dont even know what time it is." from now on i belive i will be eating at the mcdonalds right next door. they know the time and serve breakfast up till that... More...
  • new bitter coffee

    On Sunday, June 19 and Friday June 25, I purchased a total of four cups of coffee from two North Miami bks. They were dark roast, undrinkable, and when I called bk headquarters the clerk said yes, they had changed the supplier. Why weren't there signs at the driveup to warn customers? The clerk never took my name, didn't offer compensatory coupons, and was indifferent when i said you're losing long time customers like myself who purchase coffee three times a week, two cups at a time. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
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